Welcome to the Labyrinth of a mad jewelry genius.


This mad, jewelry genius artist will create a design for you and your preference up on request

This is a 10kt gold and sterling silver floral necklace, with a multi-strand beading.  This Necklace contains gems including tourmaline, sapphire and pearls. This is the third edition of this wonder sterling and gold necklaces. The second piece was questioned at a show, "could this also be a belt?" I built an extension chain of hammered silver and blackened it with patina and hooked the necklace on it. It was a wow piece. The chain comes off and it is a necklace once again. The silver chain becomes a necklace on its own. Multipurpose is the new frontier.

This Victorian brooch may be a transfer rather then hand painted. I am not sure that my old eyes can determine the truth. I have other brooches from the same period that are hand painted but it really doesn't matter with this delicate beauty. Written on the back of this ceramic is a date and who it was given to in the 1800's in pencil. It is a stunning belt buckle.

Here's a special. Two Turquoise necklaces worn as a duo or either necklace can be worn separately as a single. The suite includes matching earrings. The large necklace is approximately an 18 inch the smaller is approximately a 16 inch. Don't take me literally; I have to measure them accurately. The suite has a set of matching turquoise earring mounted on sterling silver French hooks. The large necklace sell for $250.00 separately, the smaller for $200.00, and the earring sell for $75.00. So, the piece would be $525.00 if bought separately, this suite is $395.00, a savings of $130.00. How’s that for a special presentation from Bond's Jewels.

You say this big ring. Yes it is. If you going to design, design it big or go home! This Brazilian Druzy requires space, a lot of space. This ring measures 2 inches by 1 inch and all of it is impressive. When you look at this beauty there is only one comment, WOW. I set the Druzy in a section of Mammoth Ivory seated on a bronze background with 14kt gold filled accessories. Comments anyone?