Boy are you in for a ride


I have always wanted to set some expensive stones in one of my free form rings, but thought I should wait and set it in gold. Pashas...why wait on a gold market as volatile as the current one. The stone is, according to my wife's eye, more Fuchsia rather than pink. It is a 3 ct oval Sapphire 7.7 x 6.66. It is heat treated and not a lab sapphire. I set the stone in free form silver with gold accents and a shank of silver with Mokume embellishment. My wife wanted to see how I made the free form silver so she stood while I poured molten silver into cold water. She flinched each time it sizzled as I poured. She became so excited with the process I was forced to continue to pour until she got the shapes she wanted

As this piece began to assemble itself on my bench I couldn't help noticing the Star Trek theme the piece began to take on. It speaks primitive or warrior clan and I could see Worf wearing a custom symbol like the communicator worn by the Trek's crew. I admit it, I'm still a fan. The arrow head is Mammoth Ivory and is mounted on sterling silver. The red stone is fire opal and looks like an LED.

This is the second in an addition of 6 rings in this Tribute to Nina Garcia, my inspiration. It’s back by very popular demand, literally, from Australia to Canada. I hope I don't offend Nina, but she is my inspiration for these bold, modern fashion statement rings. Ladies, this ring is not for any finger other then the first finger on either hand. Your pointing finger. Show your admirers what the first lady of fashion would wear. This size starts at 8 and will expand to a 10. Nina I will make one for you, especially for you.

At one time I owned several vintage fetish bears, but unfortunately my new career took precedence. When I saw this stone I immediately was reminded of my bears. It measures 2 1/2 x2 inches. I wrapped it with 14kt gold filled wire and set the fiery eye with a Ruby. The background is bronze and the bail hook is on the back. It is made to hang on any cord or necklace.