I am asked quite often, how do I come up with these wild concepts. I wil tell you it all comes from right brain.

Figure that one out!


This vibrant yellow Druzy called for a special setting so I figured what could be better than a Shibuichi bronze casting of a fig leaf. What a nest for this beautiful stone. The shank is silver adorned with Mokume Gane and fits all sizes. The stone measures 1 1/14 by 1.

I love to melt my scrap silver and pour the molten metal into cold water. I forms wonderfully organic shapes that I use to seat fine gems like this Lab Tanzanite oval. I forgot the weight, but I think this is approximately 2 to 3 ct stone. The shank is adorned with Mokume Gane and fits all sizes. The ring measures 1 3/8 by 1 1/8. It’s a bold setting, but most of you who know Bond's Jewels work shouldn't be surprised.

It's all natural. No way am I going to change this Tourmaline crystals form. It grew this way naturally over an unbelievable amount of time. I set it in a bed of Pave silver with a silver shank. It measures 2 x 1 inches and is sized 8 1/2.

 A beautiful Amethyst crystal in its natural state. Who can improve on Mother Nature’s creation? I wanted this beautiful crystal to bask in its own elegance so I set it in silver and gold to allow the entire crystal to show. The stone is 1 1/4 by 1 and the shank is adorned with Mokume Gane and will fit most sizes.